Community Investment Program (CIP)

Supporting Educational Programs

Brand GLobal Enterprises is committed to investing and partnering in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education initiatives that have a positive impact on student achievement.


Education Program

Brand Global Enterprises (BGE) is committed to providing a positive and sustainable impact on our region by leveraging direct and indirect community investments in education. This includes support and investment for K-12 education initiatives including teacher professional development.and processes with your goals and resources.

Educational Technology Resources:
BGE has provided technology resources to educational institutions that include computers, laptops, tablets, learner response systems, audio visual equipment, physical activity equipment, and much more.


Giving Program

Brand Global Enterprises (BGE) is committed to giving back to the various communities where we operate our business. The BGE’s Community Investment Office manages giving programs that provide opportunities for Non-Profit organizations, and educational organizations the opportunity to acquire necessary resources to continue their mission towards investing in educating out students for the future.

Giving Program Resources:
BGE has provided funding for professional development, seminars, conferences, and other training required to continue the mission of educating teachers and administrative staff to assist with the goal of providing the best in (STEM) education for students K-12.


Educational Funding - FY 2018

Giving Program Funding - FY 2018

Technology Funding - FY 2018