Virtual spaces for online or remote working.


Meeting your unique application needs

The only real-time communication platform with embedded business logic and integration capabilities.

In-App Chat

Powerful chat APIs for secure and reliable one-to-one, group, and live event messaging.

Alerts & Notifications

APIs to deliver real-time alerts including mobile push notifications, in-app alerts, and SMS.

Custom Channels

Create Individual channels or groups based on your needs. 

Providing Client Solutions

Brand Global is committed to provide technology that is designed fit for any organization


Nextcloud has unique features for research and academic institutions.

Sales and Marketing

Nextcloud delivers real-time collaboration with customers and clients.


Nextcloud has the easy, efficient UI contractors need to deliver on time.


Nextcloud connects association members with readily available information.

Media and Advertising

Nextcloud provides easy and efficient collaboration on large files.


Nextcloud provides efficient collaboration with donors and staff.

Included with all the i360Chat™ plans


System Flexibility

Our hosting solution can expand as your business needs grow. Increasing the power of your i360Platform™ hosting server to include increased CPUs, RAM Memory, or Storage Capacity 

Easy Access Anywhere

A modern and easy-to-use web interface, desktop clients and mobile apps. Real-time collaboration and instant access to all data from any device, anywhere!


Ultimate Security

Powerful encryption capabilities and a built-in rule-based File Access Control. Complemented by strong password policies, brute-force protection, ransomware protection and more.