Virtual Queue Management

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What is Qless™?

QLess can allow social distancing while still serving customers!
We are helping to make customer journeys more efficient: eliminate lines, speed up transactions, and empty lobbies TODAY.

Remote Queuing

Disperse crowded lobbies and maintain Social Distancing Guidelines by allowing customers to get in line from home, their vehicle, or work. Customers are notified via SMS or App their wait time and when to arrive in the lobby.

Eliminate Long Lines & Reduce Walkaways

Reduce Customer Complaints

Boost Staff Productivity & Operational Efficiencies

Insights with Tracking & Reporting

Enhance Communication & Customer Engagement

Virtual Call-Back Queues

Avoid waiting room congestion. Customers join a queue remotely and receive a callback or video conference on their mobile phone when you are ready to speak with them. Customers know their place in line and their wait time.

What are the Benefits of Queue Management??

Eliminate Long Lines and Reduce Walkaways

Provide an effortless way for your customers to quickly access the services they need without standing in line. With queue management software, you will shorten on-site wait times up to 97%. In addition, business revenues will soar while reducing walkaways up to 75%.

Gain Invaluable Insights with Reports

Equip your business with key data to improve customer service. Real-time reports provide powerful data for critical decision-making, such as anticipating peak periods to optimize staff productivity.

Enhance Communication and Customer Engagement

Gain bi-directional communication between your staff and customers. With enhanced customer communication, your organization can reduce no-shows by 20%. Likewise, automated surveys collect real-time feedback – providing valuable insight to identify procedural enhancements and drive improvement to customer services.

Boost Staff Productivity and Operational Efficiencies

By equipping your staff to deliver optimal service, manage lines, and even steer customers to less busy times of the day, your organization will experience up to a 90% improvement in staff productivity.

Reduce Customer Complaints

When customers experience the QLess system in action, it will completely change the way they view waiting in line and scheduling appointments. In the virtual queue, they receive wait-time updates and options to get extra time if needed that boosts their sense of control. You’ll be amazed at the positive results that make customers satisfied and more than happy to return to do business with your company in the future. When the customer complaints are so greatly reduced, you’ll also notice better satisfaction among your valued employees. The QLess app causes a chain reaction of great results and positive vibes from customers to employees.

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