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Audit & Compliance

Every business and entity will have to complete a compliance audit at some point to anticipate and manage risks; ensure the integrity of internal controls. BGE offers a full suite of Audit and Compliance services to meet those needs.

Administrative Services

Administring your business can take a toll on your resources. Understanding the balance of your operation vs. staffing and support requirements often can be difficult to plan and budget. Allow our team to augment your organziation to fit your specific needs.

Human Resource Management

Now that you have the staffing resources, understanding how to manage those resources in the most cost effective and efficient manner is the next step. Our team of HR professionals can assist with Policy and Procedures, Handbooks, Process Management, Employee Relations, and Compliance.

IT Support Solutions

At the heart of every company today is Information Technology (IT). Supporting and leverageing your IT resources and maintaining those resources can be a challange.

Project Management

Every Project has different objectives and goals, we at Brand Global understand the need to ensure on-time and on-budget results.

Process Management

Today we have worflows, processes, tasks, and requirements. Understanding how these objectives work together is just as important as the process to completion. BGE Process Management services provide a 360 evalutaion of current policies, procesdures, and processes to ensure efficient time management; risk reduction; and failure identification.

Marketing & Branding

In today’s market of consumers and business client’s your marketing and branding efforts must represent who you are and how your different.

Print & Promotional Services

We offer the best in class printing and promotional services, from business cards to post cards, brochures and flyers, pens to coffee mugs. We can print almost anything via off-set digital, sublimation, heat transfer, laser etching and engraving, embroidery, and custom casting

Commercial Projects